Monday, June 1, 2009

GKN Weekly Update 6/1/09

Hello to you on this first day of June! It's nice out, isn't it? Too bad I can't go outside right now 'cause I'm busy talkin' ta you mooks!

So last week was another good one. Aside from the usual ETS gig, I had an on-camera audition for Heineken at Donna De Seta Casting courtesy of Ingrid French.

I got my hands on the Spanish on-camera Toyota commercial I did and here it is! (BTW I'm the pasty-looking one at the end of the spot)

Thanks to Dara Cirucci of Sid Paterson Advertising for passing it along!

I want to plug a new company that fellow GKN'er Steve Anthony started called Atlantic Audio Books. It's a venue to afford smaller producers and narrators the opportunity to sell audiobooks they have produced. Please visit his website and if you know of any producers or projects that might be right let him know.

TIP OF THE WEEK: So June has begun and I just printed out my new Monthly Action Plan. Most of it stays the same from month to month and I always try to inject new life into it by adding interesting projects. Finding new websites to find VO work, for example. Fleshing out my online social network profiles to garner interest is another. The Tip is to mix it up, people! Routines & structure are great but don't let them get monotonous. Move things around or look at them from a different angle to keep it fresh.

QUOTE OF THE WEEK: The true delight is in the finding out rather than in the knowing. Isaac Asimov

DISCUSS!: OK, lets try that new title for a while. I'll ask a question and you post your answers. Here's the question: what was the last marketing idea you implemented and did it work?

Have a great week!

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