Wednesday, December 29, 2010

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Monday, December 27, 2010

GKN Weekly Update 12/27/10

Welcome to the final GKN Update of 2010!

So how was your Christmas? Mine was da bomb! X-Mas Eve was dinner at Mom's, the main course being a Sicilian Empanada (let me know if you want the recipe). X-Mas Day included watching Asha open her presents, Seeing True Grit, and for the eighth year in a row going to Tom & Sue Sylvester's home for Christmas dinner. What a great weekend!

Like many of you, I'm snowed in. I tried to be lazy today but I just couldn't help myself! I did a bunch of "end of year" stuff. The most important part was reviewing my 2010 Action Plan and seeing how I did. What would you like to hear first, the good news or the bad news? OK, bad news first...

  • I recorded far, far fewer auditions this year both online and in-person.
  • My marketing efforts started out great this year but fizzled big time. I did not reach my overall contacts goal (not even close!) and I missed my GKN membership goal by three. Three!
  • I took no classes, had no coaching, and read very few articles or books about the industry.
  • I didn't cut any new demos nor did I improve the old ones. I should have produced either a promo demo or an imaging demo this year to expand my marketability.
  • I fell off my diet & exercise routine and gained about ten pounds. Yikes! Also, for years & years I used to get sick exactly twice a year. This year I lost count.
  • I did not finish writing the "Project T.E.R.R.A." screenplay, which means I didn't submit it to festivals or competitions.

OK, here is the good news...

  • Financially speaking, 2010 is the best VO year I have ever had.
  • I hit all of my revenue goals and I was under budget for the year.
  • I landed many new clients.
  • I did VO's for a film and a major video game which have been goals of mine for a long time.
  • I got a company logo.
  • I got new pens.
  • I got new business cards.
  • I revamped my website.
  • I was the ghost writer for a comic book (not a goal, just something cool that happened).
  • The animated short I wrote called "Blastaway" is in production.
  • I lowered my cholesterol to 169 (it was 285 at one point).
What does all this mean?

Well, the fact that I made more money meant that I could reinvest more in my business, which is why I hit all of my materialistic goals. However, I fell short of hitting most of the "Quadrant 2" goals (goals that are important but not time sensitive). I did have a lot less time this year to get anything done both professionally and personally for many reasons, most of which could not be helped.

TIP OF THE WEEK: So, what did I learn in 2010?

1) Friends and family come first.
2) You can't take care of your friends and family if you don't take care of yourself first.
3) Find the balance!

QUOTE OF THE WEEK: The goals you set are not what make your life. It’s the pursuit of the goals that make your life. And the character you develop. And the wisdom you acquire. And the people you touch.

STUFF: If any of you need a hand putting together your goals for 2011, don't hesitate to get in touch with me. I am always happy to help!

Once again, thank you for making the Good Karma Network a success. I have never received so many phone calls, emails, blog kudos, Tweets, and kind words as I have this year. It really, really means a lot to me.

Have a happy, healthy, safe, and prosperous 2001!!!
Goals are not your life. It’s the pursuit of the goals, the character you develop, the wisdom you acquire, and the people you touch.

Monday, December 20, 2010

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GKN Weekly Update 12.20.10

Happy Christmas Week! Shopping done? Presents wrapped? Stockings hung? It's an exciting week, ain't it?

So last week I finished the first 24 of 50 medical narration scripts. Whew! The hard part about these wasn't necessarily saying those big scary science-y words, it was the narration of formulas. It's not like narrating a list, even thought it's sort of a list. It's more like saying a phone number. Dat-dat-duh, dat-duh, dat-duh, you know? Also, in the middle of the formulas were a ton of parentheticals. For example, "X (the sum of A plus B), times Y (the units of energy), equals Z." Stuff like that.

TIP OF THE WEEK: I love science & math but I only took the minimum requirements in high school & college (I was too busy getting my thespian on!) so I need to really study these scripts to make sure I know what I'm talking about. However, it's not so much that you know what you're talking about, it's about SOUNDING like you know what you're talking about! Cadence & tone are just as important when trying to get ideas across as much as subject knowledge. Obviously, it's better to truly know the subject, but we only have so much time and so much brain capacity!

Q: Am I evil?
A: You’re not smart enough to be evil.
(BTW that was me knocking some guy down a few pegs while he was trying to impress a girl. Good times!)

STUFF!: I saw "The Taking of Pelham 123" remake last night. Not good. It was a big disappointment since I'm such a huge Tony Scott fan. The original from the 70's was WAY better. If you have a free night and not sure what to rent, rent it! It starred Walter Matthau and Robert Shaw. Great stuff!

From Tom Dheere's apartment, this is Tom Dheere, GKN News...
Quote of the Week: Q: Am I evil? A: You’re not smart enough to be evil.

Wednesday, December 15, 2010

cranked out five medical narrations on Monday, four yesterday, and who knows how many today. Love reading them equations!

Monday, December 13, 2010

Check out my latest voiceover blog entry about business cards!

GKN Weekly Update 12/13/10

And a Happy Countdown-to-Christmas Monday! (man, I'm really reaching...)

I'm taking a break from my medical narrations to chat with you lovely folks. I did four scripts this morning and I would like to bang out at least one or two more before I call it a day. I need to do a total of seventeen by Friday so I'm pacing myself. Actually, they're not medical narrations. They're e-learning recordings, but they feel like medical narrations because of the subject matter (chemistry) and the vocabulary & formulas, so there you go.

Anyway, what I really want to talk about today is business cards. I exchanged many, many of them with my peers at the VO Mixer last week (man, I'm still basking in the warm glow of that!) and I noticed a few things that I want to share with you. Just to be fair, my business cards sucked for a long time and now I finally have some that I like so I'm sharing not only what I noticed about the cards I were handed at the Mixer, but also what others have told me about my old cards.

TIP OF THE WEEK: Business cards can make a very strong first impression. Everybody has their opinions about what makes a good business card, so I'm gonna throw a few things out there, in no particular order.

1. Unless you own or rent an office/studio/building do not put your address on your business card.

2. If you are going to put a website on your business card, it should be either or As a VO talent, I would even shy away from putting Voice123 or as a website on there. One business card I got last week had a MySpace address on it. Yikes!

3. Don't describe your voice on your business card.

4. No images of microphones, please! It's way cliche. Either have a logo that doesn't include one or don't put a graphic on your card at all.

5. If you're not an actor or model, don't put your headshot on your card unless your face exactly matches your voice and even then I wouldn't recommend it. And even if you are an actor or a model, you should have a separate card anyway. Oh, and if you're really, really good-looking, forget everything I just said and put your pic on there.

6. If I call the number on your card, please have a professional-sounding voicemail. If I visit the website on your card, make sure all the links work and you have demos on the main page.

Remember folks, your business card is the gateway to you!

QUOTE OF THE WEEK: If I fret over tomorrow, I’ll have little joy today. Anonymous

STUFF!: What do you think makes for a great business card? Who has the best one you've ever seen?

From Tom Dheere's apartment, this is Tom Dheere, GKN News...
Quote of the Week: If I fret over tomorrow, I’ll have little joy today. Anonymous

Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Medical Narration Word of the Day: stoichiometric
don't you love it when a voiceover client calls just to say hi? I do!

Tuesday, December 7, 2010

banged out three medical narration scripts yesterday and has two more to do today. Yay, chemistry!

Monday, December 6, 2010

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GKN Weekly Update 12.06.10

And a, whatever, let's talk about the Mixer!

So, this past Saturday was the Third Annual New York Voice Over Mixer at the Tonic Bar in Times Square. I can't even begin to tell you what an incredible time I had, but I'm gonna try anyway. Here's a few pics to set the stage. This is a bunch of us at Mustang Harry's for lunch:

This is me and my buddies Rob Sciglimpaglia & Erik Shepard. Erik organized the Mixer so a HUGE thanks to him!
This is me and my big mouth yapping about the importance of networking events like the Mixer. Thanks for nodding along, Lauren!
And this is me and my pal Trish Basanyi on our way home from Langen's at about 1:30 AM. Thanks for helping me pick out my clothes, Trish!

There were almost 300 of us there and I made some new friends as well as catching up with the old ones. What more can I say? It rocked!

TIP OF THE WEEK: Yes, I could once again stress the importance of in-person networking, blah blah blah. As it turns out, I didn't do a shred of networking for myself. I spent most of the night introducing people to one another. I got far more enjoyment out of that than I would have if I had just been shoving my business cards in other people's hands and hoping for a lead.

What really impressed me was the amount of people who attended the event not knowing a single person there. They just dived right in! Those are the folks who are going to be successful VO talents someday. Take a lesson from them, my friends.

QUOTE OF THE WEEK: Happiness isn’t having more, it’s wanting less. Anonymous

STUFF!: I just wanna say hi to all the new friends I made at the Mixer. these are all talented, wonderful people so start throwing sacks of cash at them for VO work, right now!

They are: Amy Ricalde, Christina Spataro, Dick McDonough, Leah Vidal, Eric Vitale, Lauren Sowa, Josey Miller, Dave Satkowski, Adriana Sananes, Mary Ann Ayan, Mathilde Dratwa, Alan Pinter, Talia Gonzalez, and Phil Hwang. Nice meeting all of you!

From Tom Dheere's apartment, this is Tom Dheere, GKN News...
Quote of the Week: Happiness isn’t having more, it’s wanting less. Anonymous

Wednesday, December 1, 2010

has two voiceover recording sessions in Princeton today. I'll do my best to stay dry!

Monday, November 29, 2010

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GKN Weekly Update 11.29.10

And a Happy Post-Thanksgiving Post-Black Friday, Post-Turkey Overload to you! I had a fantastic holiday weekend and I hope you did, too. The corn casserole was a hit and the kids loved the little dinosaurs I gave them. Yes, I bought their love, that's what I do.

Remember that 50-script medical narration project I've been waiting for? They're here! Well, the first two scripts are here. I recorded one of them last week which marks the first Thanksgiving week that I've had a VO project to do. I have finally arrived!

So, this weekend is the 3rd Annual New York VO Mixer. I mentioned it a few weeks ago and I hope you reserved a spot. I think it's too late to RSVP since I think about 300 people are going to be there. It will be at the Tonic Bar in Times Square. It's gonna be fun on a bun! AND I get to pass out my swanky new business cards. Can business cards even be swanky...?

TIP OF THE WEEK: I am PUMPED for the VO Mixer! I just looked at the Guest List and I know over 50 of the people who will be in attendance. I mean like I really know them, in real life! Obviously I'm excited to see so many of my friends, but the networking aspect is very important, too. When it comes to networking, nothing beats meeting a contact in person, shaking their hand, and looking them straight in the eye. All the Tweeting in the world can't replace that. Make it a point to go beyond electronic marketing whenever you can.

QUOTE OF THE WEEK: Only the noblest of goals requires pain and sacrifice. Anonymous

STUFF!: I saw two movies last week. Harry Potter: great! Angels & Demons: not so much. Are they doing a third Dan Brown movie any time soon?

From Tom Dheere's apartment, this is Tom Dheere, GKN News...
Quote of the Week: Only the noblest of goals requires pain and sacrifice. Anonymous

Monday, November 22, 2010

GKN Weekly Update 11.22.10

Happy Thanksgiving Week! Tell me this isn't the craziest week of the year. I assume all of you are making preparations to travel or host. I'm making a huge batch of corn casserole. It's not a casserole, however. It's more like corn bread with an extra layer of awesome. Let me know if you want the recipe!

So, I found a picture of my Red Dead Redemption character, Benton Manning.

Lookin' good, partner! He appears in the Undead Nightmare expansion. Basically, zombies invade the Old West. BTW does anyone know how to capture video game footage?

Also, I finally ordered new pens. They're thick clicker pens colored white with my logo on it. Is it lame to be excited about that?

TIP OF THE WEEK: I know it's cliche to recite all of the things I'm thankful for this year, but I just can't help it! I'll try to keep it short...

Of course I'm thankful for my health. I've lowered my cholesterol by over 100 points!

I'm extremely thankful so having one of the best VO years ever. It's been financially tough for a lot of people this year so I'm very lucky.

What I'm most thankful for is that my clan is doing okay. Things have been EXTREMELY tough for them this year and everybody came out on the other side in pretty good shape.

Folks, please be thankful for what you have and remember, it could be worse. It could be raining...

QUOTE OF THE WEEK: I don’t know why people insist on knowing themselves. It’s hard enough to know what to wear. Anonymous

STUFF!: What are you thankful for?
From Tom Dheere's apartment this is Tom Dheere, GKN News...
Quote of the Week: I don’t know why people insist on knowing themselves. It’s hard enough to know what to wear. Anonymous

Wednesday, November 17, 2010

I have a last-minute recording session in Princeton this afternoon. I hope the wind is behind me!

Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Monday, November 15, 2010

GKN Weekly Update 11/15/10

Good morning! I hope everyone had a pleasant weekend. Fellow GKN'er Marci Fine came over to record some spots and we had a grand ole' time. Thanks for the chocolate, Marci!

Remember last week when I was writing the GKN Update from CityVox? Well, there were one or two other sessions going on in addition to the one I was called in for. At one point, there were about a dozen of us hanging out in the lobby for maybe less than five minutes, but what a five minutes! It was like a VO reunion and there were some folks that I haven't seen in almost a year. So, hello to Eileen Stevens, Jen Wos, Rick Adamson, Lisa DeSimone, Heather Corrigan, Carla, Mara, Billy, Jen Duckworth, Fran, and everyone else I can't think of. It was great seeing you!

TIP OF THE WEEK: When I decided to get into voiceovers, I was pretty unhappy with the direction my life was going in. I had good friends and supportive family, but none of them had any idea what I was talking about when it came to this strange profession. It didn't take long to discover what an incredible group of people make up the voiceover community! I have been fortunate enough to develop a strong network (as in Good Karma Network!) of professional connections and I made some friends for life along the way. This was a wonderfully unexpected benefit of becoming a voiceover talent.

Networking is not just about getting the cell phone number of that big casting director or sending cookies to all of the agents during Christmas. It's about being a part of the community. Being a supportive peer, a mentor to those new to the industry, a go-to guy (or gal). Trust me, that will get you much further than trying to get in good with the big-shots!

QUOTE OF THE WEEK: All art has poetry in its center. Anonymous

STUFF!: Caprica was canceled! That's one of the only shows I watch. The good news is that they're developing a new Battlestar Galactica series call Blood and Chrome. Does anyone have any inside information?

From Tom Dheere's apartment, this is Tom Dheere, GKN News...
Quote of the Week: All art has poetry in its center. Anonymous

Monday, November 8, 2010

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GKN Weekly Update 11.8.10

Holy hail & sleet, Batman! It is uber-crappy out there today, but I have braved the elements to be in NYC for two recording sessions. So, we are broadcasting LIVE from the lobby of CityVox in Midtown Manhattan.

Last week I had a great recording session with my friend Lisa Desimone. She is a great talent and one of the groovier people I know. It was an e-learning session and we recorded a bunch small vignettes as well as lists (see my GKN entry from a few weeks ago to learn about the magic of narrating lists!). Anyway, when we recorded these lists we had to take turns saying the terms for each list. I gotta tell you, stuff like that is so much easier when you're working with a real pro like Lisa. She worked off of my rhythm, my pitch, and my mood to complement me perfectly! We flowed back and forth so easily it was virtually flawless. You rock, Lisa!

TIP OF THE WEEK: The scariest experience I've ever had in my professional life is when I was acting on stage and my scene partner was looking right through me when we interacted. She wasn't even remotely in the moment and wasn't "listening" to me at all. She was just waiting for me to finish my lines so she could say hers. It was awful! Acting is reacting, my friends. You need to listen to your partner and incorporate it into your performance, even if it's just reading a list. I'm not saying you have to turn it into a freaking Meisner exercise. Just remember that you're not the only one in the room.

QUOTE OF THE WEEK: If she breaks my heart I'll love it because I'll know where it takes me. Christopher Cook

STUFF!: What's the best acting experience you ever had with a partner? The worst?

From the CityVox lobby, this is Tom Dheere, GKN News...
Quote of the Week: If she breaks my heart I’ll love it because I’ll know where it takes me. Christopher Cook

Saturday, November 6, 2010

Benton Manning lives! I thought my Red Dead Redemption character was cut, but he's in the "Undead Nightmare" download. Booyah!

Friday, November 5, 2010

had a voiceover gig for NY Audio yesterday and one for CodeBaby today!

Monday, November 1, 2010

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GKN Weekly Update 11.1.10

Happy Halloween! I hope everyone had a fun and safe holiday. I went to my friend Jim's Toga Party. I was Gluteus Maximus!

Last week was really , really good. Among other festive activities, I had VO gigs for Oxford US, ETS, and Punto Mio.

I also went to a Meetup event in Morristown. It was a networking group and I've been to a number of different ones in the past. Unfortunately, I have found all of them to be a bit disappointing. The turnout is never as large as the Guest List says it will be, I find virtually no leads, and I almost never learn anything. But I keep going to them. Why? Find out in the GKN Tip of the Week!

TIP OF THE WEEK: I'm sure all of you were just wondering, "Why does Tom keep going to those networking events when he doesn't get anything out of them? Silly boy!" Well I do get something out of them: renewal of purpose and focus. Just showing up reminds me to make a better effort. I'm also reminded of the things I've tried in the past and how I should seek new ways of getting my name out there. Also, when I interact with people at these events, I'm often reminded of how little I knew about networking back when I started and how much I enjoy sharing what I've learned along the way.

QUOTE OF THE WEEK: I bought her a necklace; I hope it fits (making a choking gesture). Christopher Cook

STUFF!: If any of you ever want to hit a networking event in New York or New Jersey, let me know. If I'm free, I'll join you! Are there any coming  up that you want to share?

From Tom Dheere's apartment, this is Tom Dheere, GKN News...
Quote of the Week: I bought her a necklace; I hope it fits (making a choking gesture). Christopher Cook

Thursday, October 28, 2010

just finished a voiceover recording session for!

Monday, October 25, 2010

GKN Weekly Update 10.25.10

Hello on this surprisingly warm morning! The whole week is supposed to be in the 60's and 70's. This is the last week of October, right?

So last week I had a retake session. It doesn't happen very often but it can happen for a variety of reasons. The most common ones are script changes due to content or length, technical problems with the sound file, or someone higher up the ladder just didn't like it. Sometimes it's more than one of those reasons. The client was listening in this time and gave me direction. It turned out very well! We banged out two 30-second spots in less than half an hour and everyone was happy. Whew!

TIP OF THE WEEK #1: Retake sessions are a pain in the, waitaminit, they're great! What a perfect opportunity to make a good impression with a client. You're happy to schedule a second recording session and it doesn't matter why. It's a pleasure to work with everybody again. You'll schedule it at your earliest convenience and you're looking forward to the exciting and interesting changes to the script. Get it?

TIP OF THE WEEK #2: This is the question that popped up in every VO talent's head when they read this: how much do I charge for a retake session, if anything? Great question. The answer is: it depends.

If it's a very minor adjustment that needs to be made, like one or two lines of a corporate gig, or if I need to change the stress of one word in a commercial and I can record it at my convenience, I don't charge anything. If the whole thing needs to be done again or a second recording session needs to be scheduled, then I bill them again. How much? Once again, it depends. I have charged anywhere between 25% and 100% of the original invoice. For example, if it's a 30-second spot I recorded on my own and they changed some lines but the whole thing needs to be done again and I can re-record it myself in a few minutes, I'll charge 25-50%. If it's the same spot and I was perfect and the sound file is perfect but they we-wrote the whole thing and want a new session scheduled. I'll charge upwards of 75-100%. Even then, there are exceptions.

Remember, the goal is to make EVERYONE happy, not just your bank account...

QUOTE OF THE WEEK: It’s just gonna make you stronger. Every good man I know has been through somethin’! Chris Carter

STUFF!: How have you handled retakes in the past?

From Tom Dheere's apartment, this is Tom Dheere, GKN News...
Quote of the Week: It’s just gonna make you stronger. Every good man I know has been through somethin’! Chris Carter

Friday, October 22, 2010

is heading to Princeton today for a recording session. Looking forward to the drive in this crisp, Autumn weather!

Monday, October 18, 2010

GKN Weekly Update 10.18.10

Good morning! My day started MUCH earlier than I would have preferred. I had to take the car to the mechanic and enjoyed struggling with a weak wi-fi signal while I waited. Good times, good times...

Strangely enough, every recording I had last week involved reading lists of glossary terms. The subjects covered everything from food to the economy to human rights violations. Sounds easy, right? Not so much. Even just narrating the alphabet can be tricky. Here are some things to remember when narrating lists:

  • Don't read it like it's a list! Each term has to be said out of context. In other words, don't say it like it's the ninth item on the list, say it like it's the only item on the list.
  • Know your audience! The comprehension level and age of the listener is very important. Make sure you ask the producer before you start recording.
  • Don't trail off at the end of the term.
  • Explore the choices. "Interesting", for example, can be spoken as "in-tres-ting" or "in-ter-es-ting". Say it both ways or ask first.

TIP OF THE WEEK: When I started doing voiceovers I had no idea how involved this stuff can be! I also had no idea how many different types of voiceovers there are. Know your craft folks, know your craft.

QUOTE OF THE WEEK: Listening builds trust, wisdom, and experience. Rick Pitino

STUFF!: Let's make our own list! Let's see how many types of voiceovers we can come up with. I'll go first: Commercials.

From Tom Dheere's apartment, this is Tom Dheere, GKN News...
Quote of the Week: Listening builds trust, wisdom, and experience. Rick Pitino

Thursday, October 14, 2010

Is recording glossary terms in the morning and e-learning terms in the afternoon!

Monday, October 11, 2010

GKN Weekly Update 10/11/10

Good morning on this wonderfully mild October morning! Can you believe October is only two weeks away? I am seriously struggling with ideas for a Halloween costume this year. My "My Name is Earl" getup last year was such a big hit I have no idea how to top it. Remember...?

BTW I sent out my quarterly newsletter last week. If you didn't get it, you can check it out here.

So I landed a new client last week: DUX Crackers (thanks, Craig's List!). Ever heard of them? It's popular in the Latino community. I recorded it from home with the director on the phone. The session was quick and easy!

I had a bit of a breakthrough with this recording session. I've always shied away from the high-energy commercial spots because I never thought I sounded good doing them. To be honest, I always thought I sounded like a dork. Well, I discovered you kind of need to sound like a bit of a dork doing these spots, but not exactly. Not dorky, not goofy, just excited, but not out of control. Just really, really happy to be sharing this wonderful news about this amazing product. And I did it without feeling self-conscious. The client was really happy with my work so I guess I did it right.

TIP OF THE WEEK: Branching out and taking risks is critical to your development both professionally and personally. You need to put yourself out there, out of your comfort zone. That's when great things start to happen!

QUOTE OF THE WEEK: If all babies are pretty, then why are there so many ugly people in the world? Charles Barkley

STUFF!:  Good news, everyone! I don't have to think of a Halloween costume this year! Instead, I'm going to a toga party. A couple of bedsheets and I'm golden!

From Tom Dheere's apartment this is Tom Dheere, GKN News.
Quote of the Week: If all babies are pretty, then why are there so many ugly people in the world? Charles Barkley

Thursday, October 7, 2010

Tuesday, October 5, 2010

just finished a great recording session with Robert Lopez of Raging Bull Productions!
is doing a voiceover for a new client today: DUX Crackers!

Monday, October 4, 2010

Check out my latest voiceover blog entry!

GKN Weekly Update 10/4/10

Happy October! I hope you're enjoying this somewhat icky, rainy, chilly day. Not the best way to start the month, but I'll take this over the endless onslaught of 90+ degree weather we had this summer any day!

So, a lot of interesting stuff happened last week, but there is only one thing I want to talk about. Last night I and some of my fellow VO talents got together for dinner in New York City! It was me, Melissa Exelberth, Kara Edwards, Patrick O'Connor, Rachel Rauch, and a special guest appearance by Patrick's dog Bailey! All of us met via the Voiceover Bulletin Board and we had dinner at City Crab on Park Avenue. The food was fantastic! Even though we all knew each other, some of us had never met in person so it was fascinating to watch everyone interact. After dinner we went to Times Square to take some pictures:

A great time was had by all!

TIP OF THE WEEK: Man, I had a wonderful time last night. It was so great to see everybody and just have fun. Being the marketing/networking fanatic I am, you'd think that was on my mind. It never occurred to me the entire night!  There was almost no shop talk, no complaining about the state of the industry or smack-talking, etc. Last night was about friends getting together to have a good time. Here's my challenge to all of you: the next time you're socializing with professional colleagues; try not to talk about your industry and instead take the time to get to know them as a person.You'd be amazed!

QUOTE OF THE WEEK: Don’t worry. It’s a killer. The damage is done. Have a giggle. Live for the now. David Helfgott from the movie “Shine”

STUFF!:  Patrick tried to give me about five different Quotes of the Week but I forgot them all! Thanks for for the effort, Paddyo.
Quote of the Week: Don’t worry. It’s a killer. The damage is done. Have a giggle. Live for the now. David Helfgott from the movie “Shine”

Tuesday, September 28, 2010

just recorded a voiceover for Code Baby! I'm Shane, the computer-animated helper.

Monday, September 27, 2010

Check out my latest voiceover blog entry!

GKN Weekly Update 9/27/10

And a good morning to you on this chilly, damp Monday! Quite a change from the upper 80's weather we had just a few days ago. Ah, September, the month that just can't make up its damn mind!

I just watched an interesting video on Boing, my morning coffee. Check it out...

Where Good Ideas Come From

I'm a huge proponent of creative thinking, innovation, and entrepreneurship so this video intrigued me. My real motivation for watching it is that I haven't worked on my Project TERRA screenplay in months and I was seeking inspiration. I'm not exactly sure why I haven't written in so long. I know what comes next in the story and I have my notes prepared & everything. I just haven't taken the plunge. What's worse is that I'm in the home stretch. Plot Point Two is done and the main characters are streaking towards the climax of the story. Maybe I don't want to finish it. Maybe I'm scared that my partners at 3ative Productions will think it sucks and I'll have to start over. I don't know. Anyway, maybe just talking about here it will get me off the couch, so to speak.

TIP OF THE WEEK: I read over that paragraph I just wrote and boy, am I a whiny little girl! Don't you hate it when you get caught up in your head for no good reason when the solution is so simple? As Bo Jackson would say, JUST DO IT. If you're afraid to write, just write. It doesn't matter if the writing sucks, just get over the fear of the action by taking the action. Easier said than done, of course, but it is so liberating when you finally take the plunge, then you laugh at yourself for being such a dingus!

QUOTE OF THE WEEK: Chance favors the connected mind. Steven Johnson

From Tom Dheere's apartment, this is Tom Dheere, GKN News...