Monday, February 23, 2009

GKN Weekly Update 2/23/09

Happy Mexican Flag Day and Ash Wednesday! My planner is sitting right next to me and that's what I saw. Deal with it!

I hope everyone had a great weekend. I had a crazy one at the 2009 Dreamation Convention in Morristown, NJ. My friend Mike needed help running his All In One Collectibles table. This place was filled with very, erm, interesting people. All I have to say is if you don't know what LARPing is, you're better off!

Anyway, let's start off with an announcement (bump bump ba da dum!): the Good Karma Network is now on Facebook! I started the group last week and within a few days over 110 members joined, even more than on the Yahoo Group. Woo hoo!!! Thanks to all of you who joined and I look forward to your contribution to the group. BTW the portals that people use to be a part of the GKN include Blogger, Yahoo, Facebook, MySpace, and Nextcat.

For you new GKN'ers, every week I share my professional (and occasionally personal) experiences from the previous week. Then I post a "Tip of the Week" which is usually derived from said experiences. After that you get to bask in the "Quote of the Week" (a fan favorite). BTW it's been over two years and I haven't used the same quote twice! If you have any particularly profound or fun quotes please email them to me and I'll be happy to feature them in an upcoming post. I always finish with "Food For Thought", an open-ended question derived from the "Tip of the Week". I like to give you guys something to chew on!

So, here's what happened last week:

I had an audition for in NYC courtesy of Ingrid French (she's my manager). While I was getting ready for the audition a guy walked over to the desk I was sitting at and asked the girl there if any voiceover talents were coming in because he need to cast a different project fast. Being the shy person I am I said "How ya doing?" The next thing I know, he casts me! I recorded it the next day and got paid on the spot. It was for Field Share, a medical blog. A special thanks to Peter Sasowsky for casting me. Talk about serendipity!

I attended the Media Communication Association International (MCA-I) North Jersey chapter monthly meeting. The guest speaker talked about how to get the most out of using Linked In, a professional networking site. I picked up some good tips and got to see fellow GKN members Paul Payton, Liz DeNesnera, Melissa Ex, and a few others. If you're looking to network and learn about the industry, I strongly recommend it. Go to their website to see if there's a chapter near you!

TIP OF THE WEEK: I'm really excited about having all these new members of the Good Karma Network. It's very satisfying to see something you care about grow and touch people in a positive way. It's actually gotten some people paying work! The only way that happens is when you take the first step and you did by joining. That means you're participating in the advancement of your career. Trust me, nobody else is going to do that but you. Not your teachers, not your coaches, not even your agents. Only you can make those cold calls. Only you can join those networking sites. Only you can seek out and nurture those relationships that will get you in front of the right people. Looks and talent aren't everything, my friends. It takes action!

QUOTE OF THE WEEK: The story of the human race is the story of people selling themselves short. Abraham Maslow

FOOD FOR THOUGHT: What one thing can do this week to move yourself closer to success?

Have a great week!

Monday, February 16, 2009

GKN Weekly Update 2/16/09

Happy President's Day!

Remember that there's no mail today. I always forget!

I hope everyone enjoyed their Valentine's Day. I spent it with friends and babysitting my niece Asha. Not terribly romantic but I was with people I care about and that's what counts.

Last week was another good one...

I had an on-camera audition for ESPN courtesy of IFM.

I had another VO session for ETS in Princeton.

I've been added to a brand new talent roster. Di's Creative Edge uses voiceover talent for corporate and e-learning projects and they've just set up a talent roster on their website. I'm the first! If you want to join, go to their website and apply. Tell Diane I sent you!

TIP OF THE WEEK: Let's continue to examine the five aspects of success. I want to wrap up the Technique segment by talking about your colleagues. It's very important that you know what your peers are doing so you can keep up with current trends and so you can compare the quality of your work with theirs. One thing I do every week is visit other talents' websites & blogs and listen to their demos. How do their websites look? Are they clean, informative, and professional looking? Are their blogs engaging and solicit comments? How would your rate their demos? Are they concise and showcase their talent? How does their technique compare to yours?

QUOTE OF THE WEEK: Love is the triumph of imagination over intelligence. H. L. Mencken

FOOD FOR THOUGHT: Do you ever check out your competition?

Have a great week!

Monday, February 9, 2009

GKN Weekly Update 2/9/09

Well, hello there! I have too much stuff to share today so let's get to it...

I was at the New York Comic Con all day Saturday with the Comic Book Mania crew.

That's Victoria the host, Bobby the owner of CB Mania, and Damian the cameraman. Alas, I did not do any interviews. The lovely Victoria did them all but who would you rather talk to, me or her? My vote is her! I did get press access to everything the Con had to offer which was pretty cool. Victoria actually interviewed me on-camera about Project TERRA! I'll post the footage ASAP. I also got to meet Mark Sheppard of Battlestar Galactica. He plays the lawyer. Mark was a lot of fun to talk to! He was promoting the video game Conduit, a Wii first person shooter. It looked amazing! I also ran into some friends from my days back at the New York Renaissance Faire. If you want to see more pics go to my MySpace profile at

We now have Project TERRA merchandise! Check out the prototype mugs...

We have T-shirts, too. As soon as the online store opens, I'll let you know. It would mean a lot to me if you help promote our show by sporting some nifty duds & mugs. Please show your support!

I landed a new client! William R. Fisher III Studios hired me to play a small role for their latest video game "Temple of Zojir". I play an old Cockney fisherman. There should be more roles to come!

I also did some inserts for Touch Screen Magic's MEVAS narrative. I booked the gig a few months ago but the clients made some revisions to the script. The gig so nice they paid me twice!

BTW I posted a bunch of casting sites in the GKN "Links" section. Let me know if you get any work from them...

TIP OF THE WEEK: I had a nice chat with a fellow GKN member who is currently shooting a film. It got me thinking that there are over 100 members of the GKN on the Yahoo Group alone and there must be some wonderful job-related stories to share. I know that we would all benefit greatly from hearing about them! Tell us about your last audition, your last gig, your successes, your failures. We can can learn from everybody that is a part of this group. Don't be intimidated by your lack of experience or if you're having trouble finding work. Please share!

QUOTE OF THE WEEK: He who will not reason is a bigot; he who cannot is a fool; and he who dares not is a slave. Sir William Drummond

FOOD FOR THOUGHT: Do you have any fun (or not-so-fun) stories to share? What the best time you had on a set? The worst time?

Have a great week!

Friday, February 6, 2009

The Rognog Issue 16


My quarterly newsletter "The Rognog" is now available. Check it out at Enjoy!


Monday, February 2, 2009

GKN Weekly Update 2/2/09

Happy Groundhog Day!

How 'bout them Steelers!!! It was a great game, despite all the stupid penalties on both sides. I was at my friends' Dave & Laura's house for what I think is the seventh year in a row. On top of the good game and hanging with my friends, I won the box pool! Woo hoo!!!

So last week was INSANE!

Monday I had a VO audition in NYC for Six Flags courtesy of IFM.

Tuesday wasn't too bad, but I did see "The Wrestler" with Mickey Rourke and Marissa Tomei. It was INCREDIBLE! Go see it.

Wednesday I had a gig for a new client courtesy of a brand new agent! The Viola & Shari Talent Group found me online and I booked a gig for a fertility drug called Gonal-F. I played a Formula 1 driver for their medical narration. I was "chasing down" the competition, get it? I recorded the gig at Blue Light Digital Sound in Mount Holly, which is in the same building as VS Talent. Everyone was really nice. The only drawback was I had to drive in that horrible weather that day, but all in all it wasn't too bad.

Thursday I ventured into NYC to record three sentences at CKP Media that we missed for that Nestle gig. The gig so nice they paid me thrice!

Friday I was in NYC yet again for a Pearson VO gig at Full House Productions. I bumped into our very own Nancy Wu again. Yay, Nancy!

Teddy of Team T.E.R.R.A. has produced yet another awesome sketch for the EPK. Check it out!

Isn't she amazing?! The guns aren't finished which is why her right hand is looking all arthritic. Another great job as always, Teddy!

TIP OF THE WEEK: Let's pick up where we left off on Technique. I listed a bunch of websites to help you out, but let's talk about actual technique, using your instrument.

One of the most important aspects of good technique is breath control. Having a large lung capacity so you can utter long and often poorly structured sentences is critical. It is possible to increase your lung capacity, at least in my experience. For the record, I'm neither a doctor nor a teacher. I'm just going to share an exercise I was taught and it has worked wonders for me.

When I was a freshman in college I took a singing class. The teacher (whose name escapes me) taught us how to expand our ribcage to increase our lung capacity. I was one of the only two students in the entire class who could do it correctly. Just lucky I guess! Put your hands on the sides of your ribcage. Now, without inhaling, move your ribcage out, then back in. If some air is being forced in & out of your lungs that's fine, but don't breathe in or out to help move your ribcage. Once you've got the hang of that, expand your ribcage, then inhale & exhale but leave your ribcage expanded. Remember, your lungs are balloons and they stretch. Pretty soon you'll notice you have a larger lung capacity. When I got X-rayed at the emergency room for my kidney stones the radiologists were amazed by the size of my lungs! They said I have the lung capacity of an Olympic swimmer. Oh, and by the way, don't smoke anything, ever! If you can't quit, quit the business.

QUOTE OF THE WEEK: Never let your sense of morals get in the way of doing what's right. Isaac Asimov

FOOD FOR THOUGHT: What do you do to keep your instrument in shape?

Have a great week!