Monday, November 24, 2008

GKN Weekly Update 11/24/08

Happy Thanksgiving! Have you thawed your turkey yet? BTW if you want a simple side dish that will blow away your guests, go to the Food Network site and search for the recipe "Corn Casserole". It's easy to prepare and it's been a hit every time I've made it!

Last week was pretty darn slow, too. There have been less notices on some of the casting sites over the past few weeks. Has anyone else noticed a slowdown in our industry?

Anyway, since business was slow I spent a lot of time making cold calls. Like I said last week, Philip Bank's article increased my success rate. I landed nine new potential clients! I was wondering; how do you guys use the internet to find work? Specifically, what keywords do you use when searching for clients? The most helpful ones for my cold calling blitz last week were elearning, production, and New Jersey (put New Jersey in quotes).

I had an on-camera audition for EITC courtesy of Ingrid French. I got called in to be a dad. Now I know I'm getting old!

My 30 Rock episode did NOT air last week and IMDB doesn't say when it will. I know it's called "Reunion" so keep your eyes open for it!

Fellow GKN member John Florian posted part three of my series "The Art and Science of Self Promotion" on Voice Over Xtra last week. You can read it here. Thanks again for tasking me with this wonderful project, John!

TIP OF THE WEEK: So, guess what? I have another kidney stone, yay!!! It hit me yesterday morning. Thank goodness I have some leftover pain pills from the last one. Between that and the fact that business is slow, it would seem like I don't have much to be thankful for this Thanksgiving. But that's not true. It's very unhealthy to compound unfortunate coincidences with events. People "read in" to what's going on in their lives with things like holidays, weddings, births, etc. and all it does is make them feel worse. To hell with that! I'm young and in good health (kidney stones are a pain but they're not life-threatening), I have a great career that I have had many successes in (November is a slow month anyway), and I have loving friends and family. So buck up, little campers! Everything is going to be fine...

QUOTE OF THE WEEK: The only function of economic forecasting is to make astrology look respectable. John Kenneth Galbraith

(BTW I'm running out of quotes. If you have any particularly juicy faves please email them to me and they'll appear in an upcoming GKN Weekly Update!)

FOOD FOR THOUGHT: What are YOU thankful for?

Have a great week and Happy Thanksgiving!!!

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