Monday, January 4, 2010

GKN Weekly Update 1/4/10

Happy New Year! I hope everyone had a safe and grand ole' time. I had a blast at my friend Jim's up in Butler. My Christmas was great, too. Thanks again to the Sylvester family for taking me in!

I consider today the first official day of 2010 and I hit the ground running. I made a big ole' honkin' checklist of things to do and I already did seventeen of them and it's only 1PM! Everything from finishing my 2009 expense sheet to changing the shower curtain liner. Man, I love feeling productive!

I've got a lot of exciting things lined up for 2010. What I'm the most pumped about is the audio books. My stint at Awareness Audiobooks starts this month and hopefully I'll hear from Infinivox about this year's batch of stories. I also auditioned to narrate Robinson Crusoe and I'd love to land that one. I'm also waiting with bated (baited?) breath to hear from TJC Productions about the audio books they're producing this year. And as always, I keep pestering Audible about bringing me on board. I narrated nine audio books in 2009 so this year my goal is ten. Fingers crossed!

TIP OF THE WEEK: New Year's Resolutions, yikes! They're so cliche and hard to keep. Lose weight, quit smoking, blah blah blah. Why doesn't it work most of the time? I think it's because it's hard to put together and implement a day-today-system of thought & execution and stick to it. If you made any Resolutions this year, remember this: keep your goals in sight every day and make them incremental. You're not gonna lose 20 pounds overnight and going cold turkey on a lifetime of eating habits never works. Start small...

QUOTE OF THE WEEK: As president, I believe that robotics can inspire young people to pursue science and engineering. And I also want to keep an eye on those robots in case they try anything. Barack Obama, speaking to Washington D.C. School kids as part of his science education initiative

STUFF!: Let's try something different this year. I'm just gonna go with whatever strikes me at this given moment. I have a feeling that most of the time it's gonna involve music or film. Here we go...

High Fidelity is one of those movies that I completely forget about unless somebody brings it up or I catch it on TV. Every time I see it I think "I LOVE this movie! Why do I always forget about it?" Do you have a movie like that?

Have a great week!

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